Our History

In March 2012; We found ourselves enrolled in the faculty of health sciences of the UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF HEALTH SCIENCES AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT In the midwifery option and during all this time, we attended one of the others as needed and we kept a team spirit in everything we did until we found ourselves becoming the Laureates of the 1st Midwifery class of the IUSSDC in 2017.

We saw fit to not to meet one by one while we were following and we were fighting for the same cause which is the well-being of mother-child health as Midwives and we decided on October 26, 2017 to create this association 27 members of which 5 are the members of the Executive Committee and there are still 2 of the supervisory committee all this was born because of the 10 founding members who are all midwives.

Vyara Uheke