Our Objectives

The specific objectives of MAA are:
- To make healthcare accessible to vulnerable families, especially women of childbearing age (15-49 years old) and children under 5 years old, by opening a Clinic Care Center in Bujumbura or elsewhere
- Sensitize premarital consultations
- Sensitize pregnant women to do prenatal consultations
- Promote safer motherhood
- Sensitize post natal consultations
- Sensitize women to adhere to family planning
- Sensitize women to respect the schedule of the Expanded Program
- Promote nutrition among pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under five years
- Organize a referral service for patients from inside the country ys who want to be treated in the specialized services of Bujumbura
- Organize self-financing activities for the achievement of the objectives of the Association
- Collaborate with other agencies of civil society in the medical field
- Collaborate with international organizations and ASSOCIATIONS who work in the medical field.

Vyara Uheke