Midwife in Action work

Our Work

To support and defend a general well-being, physical, mental and social, of the human person, for all that concerns the reproductive system, its functions and its functioning and not only, the absence of diseases or infirmities. Given the importance of medical associations in promoting public health, Being convinced that unity is strength, Considering the socio-economic impact of the deterioration of mother-child health, Convinced of the importance and role of midwives in the medical monitoring of mother-child health, Since the well-being of mother and child requires everyone to be involved, Determined to support the Burundian State in the promotion of reproductive health and to collaborate with national and international partners, Considering the Unreplaceable contribution of midwives in community health and gynecology - obstetrics. Pushed members to Create a non-profit association, of a medical nature, called


M.A.A Vyara Uheke

Research is the foundation of midwifery’s Three Pillars and ongoing education and research are the lifeblood of any vibrant profession.
We care women’s health before, during, and after pregnancy. We work to reduce disease and death among mothers and babies.We confront mostly with women’s pathologies like infections such as endometriosis, vaginitis, cystitis, sexual violence, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
Improving the wellbeing of the community start on understanding their way of life and how health expenses impact their socio-economy situation. A community where family planning is almost unknown and where parents have children without control of their births. Too much children in family with a different of a short period between one and another child.Women lack the right information and right advice on birth control, pre and postpartum consultation, we offer a community health service; starting on pre and postpartum control, HIV screening, going to family planning.We offer consultancy to couples and encourage men to accompany their women when they come for consultation or family planning issues.
In addition, we are improving our service by offering immunizations, nutrition program to children and women. We focus on finding people, particularly women, children and old people in their home, farmer and wherever they can be to talk with them about their health, offer them advices, follow up of chronic diseases.